We are pleased to advise patients that in almost every instance, Paston Surgery are turning round prescription requests, when received, within the normal 48 hours.

However, we are aware that some local pharmacists are behind in making the requests to us or in completing preparation of the prescription. If there is a problem with getting your medication, it will almost certainly be down to the pharmacist being busy and not due to ourselves. Unfortunately, there is no quick access to the pharmacists and patients must persist in trying to make contact themselves. There are online, postal delivery services available as well as using local providers.

We recommend that when you are down to one week’s supply of medication, you let us know via the website, by email, returning the repeat slip or by leaving us a written note . For safety reasons, we do not take prescription requests over the telephone, except in very exceptional circumstances. We will then deal with the request in the usual time frame mentioned above.

In the run through to Christmas and New Year, it becomes extremely busy and occasionally our 48 hour turnaround might possibly extend to 72 hours. Please allow plenty time for requests around this time. On Friday 23rd Dec 2022 we will be closing our Dispensary at 5.30pm.

We do appreciate the difficulties patients are locally experiencing with getting some prescriptions, but any frustrations should be taken up with the pharmacist concerned and not our staff. We are working in very difficult circumstances to help improve things and our staff do not deserve recent frustrations and abuse levelled at them.

Thank you for your cooperation.