Positive Feedback

Please see some positive comments that we have received from patients below:

  • ‘I would like to thank everyone for everything they have done for me, I’ve never had a problem with the practice. I hear horror stories of other places struggling to get an appointment or having to wait weeks on end, but I’ve never had a problem getting the correct help here’. – Feb 2022
  • ‘I would like to thank the practice doctors who following my positive PCR test and recognising my Covid symptoms and vaccination status took the initiative to send me out the pulse oximeter complete with readings sheet. My drop in blood oxygen to 88% and the danger I was in soon became obvious and following your printed instruction I sought the required professional help, spending five nights in hospital over the new year. Thank you most sincerely, I believe your forward thinking with the oximeter saved me from severe complications and probably worse.’ – Feb 2022