Influenza vaccination news! – 5th August 2021

For some of our Early-Bird patients, we have already started booking some annual flu vaccination appointments!
We have started contacting our patients who over 80 years old and the clinic on 7th October 2021 is already filling fast!
Don’t worry about contacting us as we will be putting on lots more clinics in due course and contacting all eligible patients.
In addition to the flu vaccine, we should also be offering a booster dose of the COVID vaccine – this may be offered at the same time as flu but we are awaiting further news on this.
As your GP Surgery holding your full medical record, we also plan to complete a mini health check and update medical records while patients visit for their vaccination.
As soon as further clinics are planned and groups of patients become eligible, we will get in touch. There is no need to contact us – just wait for us to contact you!